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Reiki is a universal healing method that anyone can use for the benefit of their family or friends and also for their own health and well-being. It is simple, structured and natural and it works in a holistic way at the level of mind, body and soul. It was revealed to Mikao Usui who was in meditative retreat at the temple on Mount Kurama near Kyoto, in 1922. And he is was who gave it the name of Reiki, meaning “spiritual energy”. His great hope was that it would spread all around the world for the benefit of our human family. One of his students, Chujiro Hayashi, a Japanese naval doctor, was responsible for bringing it to America in 1938, after treating Mrs Hawayo Takata of Hawaii for a serious illness. Now, it is practised globally, just as Usui sensei (teacher) wished it to be.

Reiki has been an influential part of my life’s journey since 1995 when I started learning what is known as the Western form, although it is called Usui Reiki. However, in 2002 I started retraining with my main teacher, Frank Arjava Petter, and then undertook to train in the authentic form of Japanese Reiki, called Jikiden Reiki, in 2012, also with Arjava and the co-founder of the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Tadao Yamaguchi, whose mother, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, had trained with Hayashi sensei. I just love working with Reiki and it is a joy both to teach it and to transmit its healing energy for the benefit of others. I also benefit from it when I practise.

In order to practise Reiki, you learn to tune in to the universal Reiki energy which enters via your crown chakra, flows down to your Tanden (Dantien, in Chinese) and then out via your hands to the receiver. You place your hands where you believe there to be an energy blockage, a build-up of toxins known as Byosen, and the Reiki will go to work. It can be used for all sorts of physical and mental conditions and even for deep relaxation. As humans we are gifted with life force energy via the air we breathe, the food we eat and the finite supply we are given at birth (our sexual energy). Reiki, then, is an additional source of healing energy which, as practitioners, we can call upon when we wish. I did just that when recovering from a serious operation in 2000 and I have often treated myself since. Yes, you can also use it as a form of self-therapy. That is one of its advantages. And, you can also transmit it from a distance (Enkaku, or Distance Reiki) which has been very useful throughout this Covid pandemic when hands-on treatment has not been possible. In this way, you can say that Reiki is God-given, or is perhaps an eternal gift to humanity.

From 2023, I shall be offering treatments and training courses solely in the Taunton area, in Somerset. I shall be based there now for the foreseeable future

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Reiki Gokai
Kyo dake wa                    (just for today)
Ikaru na                          (do not be angry)
Shinpai suna                   (do not be anxious)
Kansha shite                   (be grateful)
Gyo o hage me               (do your duty)
Hito ni shinsetsu ni         (be kind to others)

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From 2023, I shall be offering treatments and training courses solely in the Taunton area, in Somerset. I shall be based there now for the foreseeable future.

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